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"A pure Istanbul stray Ebru was "adopted" as a puppy by the Marmara Hotel in Taxim, the square that many consider Istanbul centre. For over a decade, Ebru has been a fixture of this emblematic location. This kind and affectionate dog has been greeting and extending her paw to countless personalities visiting our beloved city. Ambassadors, Heads of State, businessmen, tourists from every corner of the world, Ebru was always there, standing or lying right by the Hotel Concierge, a symbol of hope kindness and tollerance in a city that in recent times seems to have forgotten the meaning of those abstract concepts.
Ebru has been featured in some of the worlds most prestigious publications, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Paris Match, even Wallpaper, the monthly design publication, put this amazing animal on its cover.
Ebru's life just took a dramatic turn on Friday night. Ebru, the wonderfully kind old dog was brutally attacked by one or more individuals who, presumabily trying to emulate their favourite footballers, proceeded to merciless kick her in the stomac one, two, three, multiple times. The attack was savage and of a brutality typical of animal abusers. Worst of all, it happened in the centre of Istanbul busiest square, and in plain view of tens, possibly hundreds of people who did nothing to stop the merciless thugs.
Ebru stood there, looking into the eyes of evil. They kicked her with their full strenght time after time. She suffered as they walked again, leaving her bloodied and paralized on the Taxim pavement. Never Ebru felt more alone that last friday night.
A bloodied and inert Ebru was rushed to one of Istanbul best veterinary clinic where an emergency operation had to be performed.
Multiple fractures in the toracic box, perforated lungs, a fractured diaphragm. Ebru's intestines were pushed up by the force of the blows and reached the heart area. The skilled veterinary surgeon had to re-compose Ebru internally, much like a puzzle."

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